Repertoire Multistyle for Piano Solo : 
Classical - Soundtracks - Tango - Jazz - Rock

Compositions &Transcriptions


Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella
original compositions, elaborations, 
transcriptions and piano solo version.  
Trancriptions by: Classic, Jazz, Movies, Tango, Standard and Note by note Tribute.
Didattic version  

Art scripts: writing books thesis
WRITINGS:art books, e-books, Thesis, Essays, Script
Research in both artistic and aducational study with  continuous updating for a pedagogic "new way".
He writes scripts and sheet music concepts.
the write are a collection of ideas that became scripts for a concert or a lecture concert, or short notes for a topic useful teaching, but also a book or an essay, and a ebook format to explicate with audio and video support that it says.
Several books he makes and relize from2010/2011/2012/ 2013 years are completed. 
Topics that are divided according to the routes:
know - History of Piano, Jazz Era, music language.
create - improvvisation and arrangement.
(photo: larealtà*** daniele piga)


The art of Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella is celebrate on GMN Racconto di Suoni. Art and projects in: music, movie, reading, and action. All the projecta are realized wich art fusion withcompositions, creations, lessons, workshops and a particular piano method.

The artist shapes his art takes shape like clay that covers the body...

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