Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella

homeGiuseppe Maggiolo Novella is a soloist pianist, composer, author and producer. His originaly panism blend tradition and modern styles and his repertoire includes classics masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Rachmaninov, to tango by Piazzolla, movies by Morricone and Sakamoto, Jazz by Keith Jarrett and rock with piano solo tribute of Queen. The brand GMN Racconto di Suoni was born in 2011, to express such variety of artistic aims. This is the emblem of artistic and cultural project, events and multimedia productions. 

NEW CD: FORBIDDEN COLOURS Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella plays Sakamoto   


Sakamoto masterpieces for piano solo version by Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella piano & synth. Tracklist: Forbidden Colours, Bibo no aozora, The sheltering sky, The last Emperor, Poppoya, Regrets - Sweet revenge, Intermezzo, Henkaku no Seiki, Before long, Solitude, Rain, Amore, Energy flow,Opus.

PRENOTATION: info@giuseppemaggiolonovella.com 

 CD & BOOK PIAZZOLLA ANIMA TANGO Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella, piano solo


video on youtube Piazzolla Anima Tango

BOOK AND CD by CUEC EDITION and GMN Racconto di Suoni. Hystory of tango and composers. Elaborations for piano solo by Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella Tango in XX century from Piazzolla and his "nuevo tango" conceptions. Pieces by Gardel, Villoldo, and Rodriguez. Piazzolla's pieces: Verano porteno, Invierno porteno, Ave Maria, Libertango, Meditango and more. buy on line/order on cuec.eu

NEW events for piano solo on 2017


26.02 RACHMANINOV melancholy restless


19.03 QUEEN the show must go on ... THE FIRST TRIBUTE FOR PIANO SOLO  


26.05 SEASCAPE the sense of the sea. NEW original works for piano solo by Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella. Music with video, photo, and script, from various artists. 

...BACH MACHINE MIND SPIRIT Metaphorical escape in the creative world. Starting with the visionary. Bach's music as a language of sounds, visual perspectives, theorems and axioms. Original compositions, transcriptions of instrumental pieces, choral, orchestral solo piano by Busoni, Kempff, Siloti, Liszt, Saint-Saens, Maggiolo Novella. with actors: Sergio Anro and Silvia Loche. video maker: Igor Cadau. First Project Art & Science in Italy Science Philosophy. with collaboration of University of Cagliari.

...ENNIO MORRICONE NORME CON IRONIE Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella, piano solo elaborations 

...LISZT poetic impressions

...LISZT Je suis l'orchestre 


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