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Events 2016 GMN Racconto di Suoni - Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella piano solo performances  

A night at the Opera - Invito all'Opera phantasie and paraphrases for piano solo. 5th march Palazzo Siotto, Cagliari. link article

Chopin Art and transfiguration with Bruno Venturi, narrator 21th may 2016 Auditorium Arcivescovile Cagliari link web article

Norme con Ironie - tritube to Ennio Morricone - with Claudia La Sala, soprano 11th june 2016 Palazzo Siotto Cagliari

Forbidden Colours - Cd dedicate to Ryuichi Sakamoto - video by Igor Cadau 17th june 2016 THotel Cagliari - for Rotary International District 2080 Congress 2016.

Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue & songs - with Claudia La Sala, soprano 2nd july 2016 Palazzo Siotto Cagliari 

Piazzolla Anima Tango - CD & book - performance and promotion lecture Silvia Serafi. http://www.sardegnaconcerti.it/event/piazzolla-anima-tango/

European Jazz Expo 2016. http://www.sardegnaconcerti.it/xxxiv-jazz-in-sardegna/

The Sea (MARE) the sense of the sea - original music by Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella. 7th october 2016 Palazzo Siotto Cagliari. for Association Suoni & Pause.

Chopin Art and transfiguration with Bruno Venturi, narrator 9th october 2016 Museo Diocesano Oristano 

Recuerdos de viaje - spanish music for piano solo 19th november 2016 Palazzo Siotto Cagliari. 

press and link events 2015

Keith Jarrett - Radiance date 10.05.15




Ryuichi Sakamoto Forbidden Colours date 27.09.15



Beethoven "artefice del suo destino/master of his destiny" date 20.12.15

Movies Memories - music from film for piano solo date 20.12.15

Piazzolla Anima Tango - book and CD project  date 8.11.15

Ballad Dream Vision  date 22.06.15

Press, Reviews and Criticism
"Manages to express the musicality that is part of his soul outside so original, creative, leaving the audience breathless. It 's almost impossible not to be affected by that magical".
Claudia Santa Cruz, journalist. Mediterranean 2008.
"A true artist, a musician of wide-ranging. Each sound is a musical jewel of equilibrium from which spring almost poet of strong, emotions, music that gives clarity, space and breath of eternity". Anna Addis, poet.
"... An exceptional pianism" Bruno Venturi, actor and director.
"Giuseppe Maggiolo News note by note tends to involve the public with such beautiful music lying safely ... Weaving grit and sweetness, blues and ragtime, classic poetry and memoirs, rigor and abandon, ferries bystanders through a sea of memories and emotions ... " newspaper L'Unione Sarda.
(photo: uiza giuseppe serafi)

Press CD Movies Memories

Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella
The artist from Cagliari who plays with the soul

presents its first CD release "Memories Movies"
Film Music for Piano solo

A series of extraordinary performances on film music he elaborated. The young artist makes a sort of metamorphosis Cagliari at the piano and reserved guy, even a bit 'so, as in everyday life, becomes an artist sure of himself, a lion, a man who can express the musicality part of his soul and the outside so original, creative, leaving the audience breathless. When Giuseppe is sitting before the plan is impossible not to be affected by the kind of romantic magic that his expert hands, crossing and flying on the keyboard, they can create. Just play ...
Article of Claudia Santa Cruz, "Mediterranea" magazine
photo larealta*** daniele piga

Press Croce Rossa Concert
Recital for solo piano
in favor of Croce Rossa Italiana
Dettori Square Auditorium, Cagliari. Saturday. A plan only for Croce rossa italiana. The best movie soundtracks from the capable hands of Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella, talented pianist, star of the evening, "teacher constantly updated," as he likes to call. A disciple of music, but also a valuable teacher for his students, teaches ...
i sardi - Cultural Association
by Francesca Sanna

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